Extensions, Loft conversions, general refurbishments
House extensions and loft conversions are fantastic way of adding value to your home, enhancing your living space and breathing new life into an old building without facing the considerable upheaval and cost of moving.
We will create the shell and let your imagination run loose to help us build the perfect extension or loft conversion for you. Whether it’s to create living space or an entertainment room, we have the right people in the trade to create exactly what you want.
We run projects from A to Z : from demolition,  the new arrangements, installation, up to painting and cleaning. The people who work in our team are professionals; therefore, our work is always carried out according to official regulations.
We cooperate with architect, interior designer, structural engineer and building control. We will make your house ready to move in.
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The kitchen is the hub of the home. Your good day starts here. The suitable layout of the space and devices makes it easy to work with and makes you want to be here. Therefore, a kitchen should be properly designed and perfectly executed, so that every moment spent here is a pleasure. We can assist you in designing and then we can install your own kitchen. Through the kitchen installations we understand the wide scope of work:
- Removal of old kitchen units
- Preparation of walls, floors and ceiling
- Appropriate modifications of existing plumbing, gas and electricity
- Installation of cabinets, worktops, and all appliances
- Decorating
We can also build a kitchen from scratch, and relocate a kitchen to a more convenient part of the house. It will be pleasure to cook in your new kitchen, which we have installed!
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Bathroom is a special place in your home. You do not go there just to "brush your teeth." It is a place to relax, a place where time flows only for you. Details such as proper lighting or under floor heating will make the bathroom cosy and bring increased comfort. We can assist you in designing your bathroom and then install it to your specifications. Through the bathroom installations we understand the wide scope of work Some of the services we offer for bathroom work:
- Removal of old bathroom
- Preparation of walls, ceiling and floor
- Installation of underfloor heating
- Appropriate modifications to existing water and electrical installations
- Installation of equipment such as bathtub, wash basin etc
- Tiling
- Decorating
We can also build a bathroom from scratch, and relocate a bathroom to a more convenient part of the house.
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If you need help with designing the interior of your home,  no problem! We work with a designer who can help you design your home to your needs.
With his input and our execution you can be confident about the final result!
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We know this area very well. Thanks to our experience, our projects are characterized by durability and high quality. We can paint your house inside and outside.  We love painting! Decorating is part of the refurbishment which is probably the most underestimated. It should not be so. Careful painting or wallpapering is the basis of a great look for the room. But the painting or wallpapering is only part of the whole process of decorating.
The most important thing is to properly prepare substrate: walls, ceilings or woodwork. For the good look of a painted surface, proper materials should be used and the process should run in the correct sequence. Thanks to our experience, our projects are characterized by durability and high quality. We can help you to choose the colour scheme and the proper type of paint to specific types of surfaces. We can colour your world!
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Shelves and cabinets made to measure are a very interesting part of interior design and a great way to utilize space. Look around your room. For example, look at the bays next to the chimney-breast and think how they can be exploited. Shelves or cupboards that could be installed there will decorate your room making it more functional There are many things that we can perform:
- Cupboards and shelves made to size
- Built-in cabinets
- Installation of storage under the stairs
- Many others
We can help you to optimally utilize the space!
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The floor is one of the first things you see when coming  into the house. Wooden floors have a special charm, adding to the interior warmth and character. There is a huge selection of flooring on the market: panels, engineering, solid wood, etc. .. Also, you can renovate your old flooring. Although, the process is not easy, this final result always pays off. The right choice, proper fitting or correct restoration makes the beauty of floor. You will enjoy it for many years. We can take care of your floor. We offer a full service such as:
- Preparation of subfloor for the new floor
- Laying different types of flooring
- Renovation of existing ones
- Sanding
- Filling
- Repairing damaged floor boards
- Painting/varnishing
We can give your floor a second life!
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